Lexicon Tax


Tax Consultancy for Accountants

Our founder has over 20 years’ experience working in HMRC as well as having professional tax qualifications. All of our staff have either HMRC or an accountancy background.

This means we as a company understand all situations when dealing with tax queries. We know HMRC tactics and can also advise you on the risk of a HMRC challenge on any tax planning you might be considering.

Investigation Work

We can take care of HMRC investigations in a way which will be most convenient to you and you client. This can be handled in a matter of ways, whether it be us taking full control of the investigation or using your headed paper with work we have drafted to be sent to your client or HMRC. This is what is known in the industry as ‘white label service’. Or you can come to us to consult on cases you wish to work yourself. We are very flexible in the way we can work with other accountants

Throughout our relationship, we will look at the nature of the investigation and make sure we use the best method to achieve the best result for both you and your client/s.

We will always offer advice and support throughout!

Services we can Offer