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If you’ve been unlucky enough to receive an investigation letter from HMRC, don’t panic. 

We are here to help. You may already have an accountant helping you deal with the HMRC investigation.

However, to effectively counter HMRC’s tactics, the use of a tax specialist to either work along your existing accountant or to take over dealing with the investigation can save you tax, reduce stress and anxiety you may be facing and also help speed up the investigation to a swifter conclusion.

Investigation Work

Tax investigations can be extremely stressful and time consuming.

When/if HMRC have the right to open an investigation, they will more than likely have accurate information which leads them to believe there is a problem with your tax return (which can be proven to be incorrect).

Our tax advisors are ex HMRC with decades of experience being trained by HMRC at the highest level.  We know every tactic and approach they use when dealing with these investigations. We know when and if they are entitled to be requesting the information they are seeking, and if they should be challenged when approaching you for this information. Giving you the best possible outcome when it comes to HMRC investigations.

With the knowledge and skill our tax advisors have obtained not just from their experience in HMRC but also working in the industry, we can not only reduce any tax owed by a significant amount, but also resolve the investigation in a very time efficient way. Giving you a complete peace of mind throughout the whole process.

Our team can either work with you directly, or in other cases work alongside your current accountant providing discreet, confidential and specialist advice.