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Do you work as a Locum Doctor?

Our founder has over 20 years’ experience working in HMRC as well as having professional tax qualifications. All of our staff have either HMRC or an accountancy background.

Working as a Locum Doctor can come with a lot of pressure and work-related stress. We are here to help!

From keeping up with a chaotic work schedule to making life changing decisions daily. We know this can be very time consuming when working independently. Therefore, it is familiar to find Locum Doctors working through limited (subject to satisfying new IR35 rules) or umbrella companies to not only create a more manageable schedule, but for their own welfare.

Working through business structures, such as limited companies or as a sole trader, comes with many advantages to your overall income. These can be a tax efficient way of operating depending on your circumstances. Setting up a limited company is swift and simple, and Lexicon tax will help you through every step of the process. Please note that there are new IR35 rules which we fully understand. We will discuss these with you to ensure you are compliant.

Patients rely on your expert advice

Just as you have knowledge and experience in your specialist area, we are experts and have the knowledge when it comes to tax.

Helping contracting professionals is our specialist area, with substantial experience in providing accountancy services within your sector, we can provide the tax and accountancy support you need. This will not only improve your financials, but it will also free up time for you to spend on yourself! This will give you a healthy balance between work and your social life.

Here at Lexicon Tax, we offer a reliable and custom service for Locums to help manage your finances.

We will take control of all the work associated with the business accounting. We can help with sectors such as medical practices, locum pharmacies and salaried GPs. Leave everything to us and let us do what we do best. We will take care of everything for you!

For a small monthly fee, we can offer a streamlined, all-inclusive package which will include a full range of accountancy services for medical professionals. Our team consists of knowledgeable accountants who would each be allocated to each individual account, ensuring a low accountant-client ratio. The accountant assigned to your account will have a wide range of in-depth knowledge on your needs as a client. Your account manager will be accessible to you on any accountancy enquiries via email, telephone, video conferencing and in person where possible.

In addition to this we can also help with anything from your bookkeeping to tax planning advice to help maximise your revenue effectively by improving tax efficiency.

Our packages for Locums start at just £40 per month.

Some of the services included in our monthly locum package are: